Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An entirely new plan

SO, it's been about 5 months since I've updated, and there have been some new developments on the wedding front.

I recently visited the Winterport Winery for a fundraiser for Manna, and I fell in love with their restaurant, Pairings. To the right are a couple of pictures of the inside of the building. I wish I had brought my camera with me, because the images you see here are from their web site and they really don't do the place justice. The top picture is a view taken from the upstairs dining room looking down onto the downstairs dining room, and the bottom picture is of the upstairs dining room itself. They don't have a photo of it on the website, but there is a beautiful staircase and chandelier that takes you between the two places, and it is very wedding ideal. We haven't decided on it yet because Joe hasn't seen the place, but the price is definitely right for what we want to do, and it's simple and gorgeous and classy and has hardwood floors instead of carpeting, which I fully appreciate. For a wedding with 40 guests, we would rent the whole facility and have the ceremony downstairs and the reception upstairs. Additionally there is a pretty good sized room that branches off of the upstairs dining room which is a perfect place for me to get my dress on and prepare to walk down the staircase and down the aisle.

In addition to this new location idea, we're also considering a winter wedding. It occured to me while I was at the winery last week that December, because of its association with christmas and family, makes it a very warm, calming, and joyful time of year. It's perfect for a wedding. And since I have a pretty strong obsession with dark rich colors and bright whites, as well as flowers that bloom during the winter time, it seemed like a great match.

That's my little inspiration board, which is pretty strikingly similar to one I made a year and a half ago, only this one involves darker, richer forest greens instead of bright, bold limey greens. I think for a winter evening wedding, these images are perfect. I imagine myself carrying the purple calla lilies with whisps of pine or fern, and then the bridesmaids would be in dark purple with the white bunch of flowers. Purple tablecloths on squre tables, with square shallow vases and large white peonies with greenery and tea lights sets the perfect mood, I think. I've even sold Joe on wearing a similar tux :)

One last thing: The silver and diamond wedding band I posted about over the summer isn't going to be my wedding band anymore. Joe wants our bands to match, and I agree with him. He bought me the ring anyway, though, because I liked it so much. It will just stay on my right hand instead.

We're thinking of something along the lines of these silver and gold tetris rings because of our shared love of the classic video game. I worry about having to resize them in the future, though, so I've suggested plain silver bands, each with a different interlocking tetris shape engraved on the inside. We'll have to see how that pans out.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

yard sale finding (singular), 07-10-09

Mom and I went to a whole bunch of yard sales yesterday. We found great stuff for my parents' antique booth, but only ONE wedding item! This big bouquet of raspberry colored, dried baby's breath. 50 cents :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding band!

This is my wedding band. It's 14 karat white gold with three diamonds. My mom found it at a yard sale last summer and it's been in the antique booth for the past month or two. Every time mom and dad bring it home from the booth, I snag the box and gawk at it. I just think it's so pretty and unique and my style. So finally, after looking on etsy at billion wedding band designs, I got the idea to use it as a wedding band. I showed it to Joe and he thought it was pretty, so when it gets closer to the time of the wedding we're going to get a custom ring made for him that matches - maybe a thicker white gold band with the same swirl design etched into it. We'll see.

The one thing I don't like about the ring is the peg settings. I am now and will forever be a bezel-setting girl. We're going to get all of the diamonds not only bezel set, but lowered so the ring doesn't snag on things as easily.

I'm pretty psyched about the ring. I love it. I thought I had decided to get a special ring made that looks like a ring my Memae gave to my mother a number of years ago, but ultimately decided I wanted something new and different. I've looked at so many ring designs and haven't liked any of them nearly as much as I like this one. To give you some impression of how many rings I've looked at, here is a screen shot of the bookmark file I have just for wedding band ideas.


Monday, June 29, 2009

labradorite and peacock feather headpiece

I found this headband on Etsy. It features marcasite, labradorite, peacock feathers and swarovsky crystals. It costs $515 dollars, somehow. Probably the crystals.

I think I could make one very similar to it on my own. I think I'll make the feathered side a bit more subtle, though. I know I want to wear my hair down and curled, and I may use something like this in place of a veil.

I just need a really strong silver three-band headband, as well as some beads, crystals, feathers, lace, wire and a baroque-style broach for either side and I think it could work really nicely.

Friday, June 19, 2009

yard sale findings, 6-19-09

Well, it rained all day, but mom and I still chased yard sale signs all over Veazie.

- 20 clear glass candle jars, perfect condition. 3 dollars.
- A large bundle of fake flowers in shades of purple and blue. 2 dollars.
- A small bundle of white fake flowers. 1 dollar.

Total: 6 dollars.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

yard sale findings 06-13-09

- Giant box overflowing with white string lights. 2 dollars.
- Fake flowers. 1 pink bunch and 10 white bunches. 1 dollar.
- Necklace comprised of blue and white buttons. 50 cents.

Total: $3.50

Friday, June 12, 2009

Yard Sales! Again!

Tomorrow is yet another yard sale day. I'm going at it alone. I'm staying clear of Bangor because it can get pretty vicious at 8am. I'm starting in Hampden and then going to Hermon, perhaps hitting Bangor sales mid-morning when things have calmed down a bit.

Mom has told me some horror stories. She's gotten pushed and shoved at Bangor yard sales when she goes early. People have grabbed stuff out of her hands. People will look at what you're carrying and say "hey, can I look at that?" and snatch it away.

The trick is not worrying about being a bitch, and pick up everything that catches your eye, even if you aren't sure if you want it. Pick everything up that looks even a little interesting, then look through what you're carrying after you've scanned all the tables. You can always put things back down, but if you hesitate someone can pick up something right in front of you. I saw a gorgeous amethyst necklace last weekend and someone took it as I was considering picking it up. I learned my lesson.

ANYWAY hopefully I'll find some cool stuff tomorrow. I'll post sometime in the afternoon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I found a pair of shoes I like a lot. I found them on bellissimabridalshoes.com. I've been having a difficult time finding really cute ones that are both short and don't have pointy heels. I want something short for comfort and because I don't want to be taller than joe. The non-pointy-heel factor is because I'll be on grass and don't want to rip up the lawn.

Anyway, here are the shoes!

Only 50 bucks.

I've never been much of a shoe girl, and I never understood why some girls are so crazy about them. But let me tell you, I caught the "shoes are awesome" bug when I saw the following pair on the same site:

Good golly miss molly. 210 dollars worth of fab. u. lous.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stephanie James tea-length wedding gowns

Since we are back to having an outdoor wedding, I've begun to rethink my wedding dress idea. Something I've been going back and forth with from the beginning is tea-length and knee-length wedding gowns. I always thought they would be a little too simple for me, until I happened upon the stephanie james couture web site yesterday.

I love how fun these dresses are. The volume of the bottoms of the dresses take away my fears of simplicity and make me think that short might be the way to go. It's all the whimsy of a ballgown without the bulk, and additionally it would balance out my body type nicely. I think matched with the crafty do-it-yourself-ness of the wedding, it will look really good.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

yard sale findings 06-06-09

The Belfast yard sale extravaganza was pretty stupid. We should have known here would be a ton of people and all the tables would be picked over. We spent about 10 minutes there before deciding to hit yard sales in the surrounding towns instead, since every yard saler on the planet seemed to be in freaking Belfast.

No matter! I still got some cool stuff.

Wedding items I purchased today:

- 5 strands of white christmas lights. 20 cents per strand.
- 40 large white organza circles with ribbon edges. Perfect for bagging wedding favors. Still in the package! 1 dollar.
- A large hardcover book: "InStyle Weddings." 25 cents.
- Polaroid camera for a wedding photo project. 10 cents.
- Super-long string of large purple christmas lights. 1 dollar.

Total: $3.35


So far, nearly every item collected for wedding decor has come from a yard sale. We have about 50 little clear tubes of bubbles, a few bunches are dark purple fake flowers, a bag full of white/black/blue/green buttons, and a couple of big paper globe lanterns. My plan is to continue the trend and build an entire wedding made from yard sale items or items we already have.

Today there is a massive yard sale event in Belfast; a whole bunch of family yard sales strung together. I will report back with my findings.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A new update! Who'd a thunk it?

So, we decided to nix the On the Marsh idea because it was very expensive. So, we're back to the Memae plan.

I've been poking around Etsy for ideas. Joe and I were thinking of black, white, and blue with some hints of purple here and there. These are some things I've found that I really like.

I really love the fake flowers with buttons stacked in the center. I'd like to make something similar to the bouquet above to put on each of the tables at the reception, as well as a bouquet to carry down the aisle. Obviously, they would be my wedding colors and not all pinky greeny.

I like polka dots. I definitely want polka dots to be a theme.

I just love the feathery thing. I'm not sure about the veil, though. It might be a little much. I know I will be wearing my hair down and curly, and I'd like to have something cute and colorful popping out from it. I might get something blue and feathery like this, only smaller and with a couple of cute buttons instead of gems, and attach it to a thin headband so it stays in the right place.

These painted peg wedding toppers are absolutely adorable. They can custom make them to match whatever the wedding attire will be. I found this next picture at the same etsy store - it looks just like Joe and I.

I really love these ties, and they're very beautiful blues.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wedding location!

We have finally made an important decision: the wedding location.

On The Marsh Restaurant.

Photos and lj post here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Honeymoon idea

My idea of a great honeymoon would be a train trip across France and Italy.

Venice and Paris are two places I've always wanted to visit and photograph. They are beautiful and romantic and full of art and architecture and places to walk around and explore. So perfect for a honeymoon.

Even if we don't go there for our actual honeymoon (Joe has been leaning toward a more tropical location) it's still good to know that the option exists for future romantic adventures with my love.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I haven't posted in 3 months!

Once school started, Joe and I pretty much stopped talking about wedding plans. I also stopped working out at that point. I haven't gained any of the weight back that I've lost, but I definitely need to get moving again.

In terms of wedding plans, a lot has changed.

We decided against the Memae's house plan. We decided that we want something a little more unique to us. Memae's is great and all, but it's also a place that I've been to a million times. We want the place we get married to be "the place we got married," not "the place we got married and also where Alicia spent a good amount of her childhood." It seems too one-sided. Memae's is my place, not our place.

We also decided that we don't want it to be in Bangor, because unfamiliar places are exciting and have a sort of magic to them. It will make the whole experience less ordinary, I feel.

Because of these changes, we're back to the original plan of a small 25-30 person wedding, with a giant barbeque where everyone is invited a few days before the actual ceremony. I still want a night wedding, but it doesn't necessarily have to be in summer. It's less expensive to have a wedding in the off -season, so we're thinking April.

Click to enlarge!

On the Marsh restaurant is a place we're both very excited about. It's gorgeous, has amazing food, is within our price range and includes a beautiful garden outside where we can have the ceremony.

We can rent our own seperate room within the restaurant for a reception where everybody gets a seated 3 course meal (plus they provide a wedding cake) for about $2800, including tax and service fees.

We're going to check it out sometime over winter break, then hopefully I'll have more stuff to post about. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Here are some images I found of various lighting/table settings I like. I'll be using a white tent, but I'd still like to have a canopy of lights above all the reception tables. Also, since I won't be having any seating for the ceremony, I needed to come up with a make-shift aisle.

One idea I has is to take small clusters of rocks and put white candles between them/on top of them on either side of where we'll be walking. I think this would be really beautiful, clean and organic, which is kind of what I'm going for. Another option is to put candles inside old milk bottles, and hang them on hooks along each side of the "aisle." My great grandmother's farm (which is right across the street from memae's house) used to be Sunshine Dairy Farm, and if memory serves, there are still some labeled bottles in a shed behind the house.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

emilie inc. photography

I've been looking at different photographers around Maine, and my favorite photos so far have been the ones by emilie inc.

This one is my favorite.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

flower ideas & bridesmaid's dresses update!

I want the bridesmaids to carry white and green flowers and the groomsmen to wear the white calla lily boutonnieres, since that will look nice with purple dresses and vests.

FYI, my mom saw my black bridesmaids dresses post and thought that black dresses would look too funeral-ish, and I kind of agree ... especially considering I want to use calla lilies, which are a common funeral flower. Basically I decided to keep the plan of having Claire and Julie each pick whichever cut and style they want for their dresses, but we'll just buy them from the same designer/dressmaker so that they will be the same purple fabric. Problem solved!

Anywho, I want to carry purple, white and green flowers since my dress will be white (or off-white) and to have Joe wear a purple calla lily boutonniere. Also, the top middle picture is an idea for the flowers on each table. Another idea is the pretty photograph to the right that I found at theknot.com. It's a low square vase filled with dark purple flowers and those gorgeous green orchids I'm obsessed with. Floating on the bottom of each vase are some halved limes, as well as some more green orchids. I think the limes are a really fun idea, especially for an outdoor summer wedding. I've also always loved the look of submerged orchids, and the asian-inspired look is also perfect since we'll be having sushi :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The song

Joe and I finally have a song we both love that means something to us. "I believe (love is the answer)" by Blessed Union of Souls.

The important thing to remember here is that the band was pretty awesome until "Hey Leonardo" came out.

I put "I Believe" on a mix cd for Joe a number of years ago, because I loved the song. He hadn't listened to the cd for quite some time, then when he picked me up for dinner the other day he happened to be playing it. We were driving home from dinner when the song came on and I started singing along with it, making Joe become more aware of the lyrics, and we both agreed that it would be a perfect first dance song.

There is a bit of a mush factor involved, which I am totally aware of. I tend not to be super mushy by nature, besides the cutsie nicknames I have for Joe (sweet honey lamb, baby cakes, sugar pie, etc.) which are partly mush and partly joke, but I came to realize that there are very few directions to go in when it comes to the first dance as husband and wife. You either have to be mushy, do a quirky jokey first dance, do the first dance to a random love song that doesn't have meaning to the couple, or don't have a first dance at all.

Not having the first dance wasn't an option, and neither was a random love song. We could have done a quirky jokey one, because we have enough silly songs out there that we've danced to or seen in our favorite movies and tv shows, but I think we both agreed that the first dance thing was going to be a very sweet and sentimental moment for us. I'm happy with our choice.

P.S. You can find the song and video on youtube if you want, but I'll warn you, the video is pretty awful. It's a song from 1995, after all.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The more I think about bridesmaids dresses, the more I've come to realize that I can't chose a dress style that would fully compliment both Julie and Claire because they have two very different body types. Julie is in the process of losing weight right now, but even when she is thinner they will have vastly different bust-to-hip proportions. Rather than try to chose a bland, neutral style that will fit them both, I'd like to have them each pick out their own dress to wear to the wedding. Any neckline, silhouette and waistline they'd like, as long as it is knee length, black, and without any distracting embellishments (since they will each be holding flowers and wearing pretty jewelry.)

Initially I wanted eggplant colored bridesmaids dresses, but ultimately decided against it. I think it would be really difficult for Claire and Julie to chose their own dresses if they needed to make sure they were each the exact same shade of purple, so black is a good solution. I love black because it's chic, easily re-wearable, and slimming. I plan to get a cute little black dress to put on after the ceremony / wedding photos / first-dance-as-a-couple / father-daughter-dance to make the rest of the reception and dancing as comfortable as possible.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dresses, cont.

Ever since I made my super duper long post a couple days ago, I've been continuing to look at wedding dresses for fun. Here are some more!

I love the cut and the sleeves of this one, and the way the lace and beads are dense and the bust and used more sparingly towards the bottom.

I love the cut of this one, and the simplicity of it. I think the way the lace pattern changes right below the hip-line would be flattering on me, since my hips aren't that wide.

Empire waist is generally my favorite cut, so I think something like this would look good on me. Plus, the lace is so pretty.

I like this one a lot, but the proportion is a little too crazy for me. I would have to wear it without any petticoat underneath. Also, I'd get rid of that weird bow.

This one is a lot like the first one, only the neckline and the lace details are a bit different. I'm not sure which one I like more.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dream Girl

Since I just posted those 6 dream dresses, I wanted to take a second to talk about my goals.

As a lot of you reading this know, I was on different anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications for about 5 years of my life. From the middle of high school to the middle of college, I was medicated through my 'coming of age.'

Those years were both a blessing and a curse to my life. Before going on meds, I was so nervous and irrationally paranoid about being negatively judged by any given person I interacted with that I ended up pushing people away and spending most of my time alone in my room, moping or crying or trying to calm my always nervous stomach.

The pills made me able to ignore the intense, irrational feelings that come with social anxiety, allowing me to get closer to my then boyfriend/now fiance, as well as the girls who became my very best friends. Even with all the drawbacks from the pills (which I will go on to explain), the relationships I have now make everything worth it. I know that with the utmost certainty.

With all that negativity washed away, and with Joe and my friends at my side, I was able to find my personality. I turned from a quiet and bookwormish honor student/teachers pet into sassy and boisterous joker who is unafraid to voice her opinions.

Those were the blessings.

The curse was weight gain and loss of motivation. I had never gotten below a B in all my time as a student ... until I started on my medications. The pills gave me relief from the pressure of trying to be accepted. As a kid who was always scared of being judged, I knew that doing well with my school work would result in positive reinforcement from teachers and parents. It was something that made me feel good about myself, so I made it a priority to always, always get good grades. Once I got on the pills, however, I found happiness in so many other things that being the best at school seemed unimportant. In fact, a lot of things seemed unimportant.

Two of the side effects of most anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications is weight gain and a general sense of carelessness towards some things that would normally be bothersome. Weight gain is basically always bad, and adding that to carelessness was a disastrous mix when it came to the state of my body. I watched myself gain more than 100 pounds over the course of two years, ignoring the problem all along the way. I went from a size 16 to a size 26. Luckily I stayed that size and didn't get any bigger.

Plateauing at a size 26 by the end of year 2, I tried a handful of times over the next 3 years of being on the meds to try to lose weight, but each attempt only lasted a week or so. I would diet, work out three or four times, then decide I was content with myself. The same thing happened with my college courses as well. I would do well for a couple weeks, then decide the whole class wasn't important. Even know I'm amazed at how easy it was for me to convince myself how unimportant my body and my school work were at that point in my life.

I'm not sure at what moment exactly I figured out that I was wasting time, but I slowly weened myself off my medication, and stopped taking pills completely around January of this year. I got two A's and a B through this last semester, and have been consistently losing weight since late March. Although once in a while I'll get scared, anxious feelings around large groups of people, and sometimes feel a strong aversion to parties and bars, I am able to rationalize with myself when my feelings get too intense. I'm able to talk myself out of feeling like I'm being judged and criticized (most of the time) and have goals for my future instead of just feeling a general sense of apathy about my life.

Now, onto a couple of my goals.

I want to lose a certain amount of weight that I'm not comfortable sharing yet because it would reveal an idea of how much I actually weigh right now. I know, it's silly, but I want to keep that information to myself until after I lose it all.

Anyway, I plan to give a gift to myself for losing this huge amount of weight, and that gift is going to be my dream wedding dress. Let me tell you, dream dresses are not cheap. Four of the ones I posted cost over 5,000 dollars, one of them costs between 1,500 and 3,000 dollars, and the last one costs between 600 and 1,500 dollars. The site only lists price ranges, not actual prices, for each dress.

I decided that my price limit for the dream dress is $1, 500.

I plan to both lose my weight and save up the dress money over the next 18 months. My wedding is in 24 months, but on average wedding dresses need to be purchased 6 months before the wedding to allow time for alterations. My weight needs to be lost by January of 2010, then I need to maintain that same weight until my wedding day ... and hopefully through the rest of my life.

You're probably thinking I'm crazy for wanting to spend so much money on one dress, especially because I'm generally a pretty practical, non-extravagant person, but this dress is going to have so much more meaning to me than just being the dress I get married in. The term "Dream Dress" is a loaded one.

Getting married is important and beautiful enough to warrant a special dress, especially because I am marrying my best friend and true love ... but this dress is also about me becoming the person I know I can be. Someone who can accomplish something. A person who loves herself and values herself. Someone who is taking steps to improve herself not so that people won't judge her, but because she knows it is important to be her best self. A person who understands that things which seem unattainable and not worth fighting for are actually fully within her reach and worth the fight. Someone who can wake up the emotion and motivation that has been asleep inside of her for years and actually use them to make her life worthwhile. Someone who DOES instead of someone who thinks about doing. That is the person I want to be on my wedding day. I want to be my dream self before taking that step.

The dream dress means a lot, so I added it to my list of 'things that will happen because I will make them happen.' Crossing it off will feel pretty good, I think.

For the love of St. Pucchi

I want Joe to be surprised at the wedding, but nearly all of these are out of my price range anyway, so I wanted to post them. In addition to that, even if I somehow DID end up getting one of these six gowns, he wouldn't know which one I'd be getting AND bad luck only happens if he sees me IN the gown before the wedding, not if he sees the gown itself. My bases are covered.

This is the biggest I'd want to go for a skirt on my dress. I love the design of the lace, and the medieval style neckline.

I have no idea if this kind of dress would look good on me, but I love the layered lace look.

This is the one that I think would best fit my body type. Even when I'm much much thinner, I know that the smallest part of my body will be just under the bust, so this one seems perfect.

Again, not sure how this will look on me after the weight loss, but I think it's gorgeous. A very unique design.

I have to say, I am a little obsessed with this dress. The neckline and lace and the way it falls from the hips is just beautiful. I could only wear it if I lose a lot of weight. Maybe I'll get to try on something like it in a year and a half.

Take away the slight train in the back and I love the look of this one. Especially the dark velvet ribbon below the bust.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I wanted something really elegant and special to eat for the reception, but the wedding ceremony is going to be after 7:00 p.m. and that's a little late for a dinner. I was thinking about passing around fancy hors d'oeuvres (I can spell that off the top of my head just from looking up so much wedding stuff), but that didn't seem special enough, either. Ultimately, Joe and I are thinking that we want to have Ichiban cater the reception (if that's possible) and have all sorts of sushi, miso, and spring rolls for people to eat. We're both sushi nuts and are excited about the idea of eating our favorite food at the reception. I just hope we have enough money to do it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

black pinstripe tux

This is my favorite look for a wedding tux out of all the pictures I've looked through. Joe and I both love pinstripe, and I personally like the white-on-white tie and shirt combination.
I'm not sure if I'd like all the guys to have black vests peeking out or dark purple vests to match the bridesmaids. Purple with pinstripe might be too ... pimpy. I made the vest purple in the image on the left using photoshop. I think it looks really good, but it's the kind of thing we'd need to see in person, probably.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Invitation post

What I like about all of these invites is that they are simple, pretty, and without flowery cursivey lettering. Quite enjoyable. I especially like the layout of the first one, where there is a cute silhouetted image, the names and a date, and lots of negative space. Very adorable!